The History and Origins Behind Halloween Aesthetics

Every autumn, you can count on people of all ages to begin counting down the days until Halloween when the first leaves begin to fall.…

ByJafari WillisOct 6, 2021

Exploring Mr. Peanutbutter from “Bojack Horseman”

Netflix’s “Bojack Horseman” is one of the most critically acclaimed animated series in recent years. The show has won 34 awards for various categories. Aside…

ByMaksim KaskSep 8, 2021

Only on (Craigslist) New York! The Strangest Ads We’ve Found on Craigslist NYC

We’ve all heard the propaganda: New York is THE greatest city in the world (cue Hamilton chorus), a fact that is punctuated by pretty much…

ByMaksim KaskApr 24, 2021